Upgrade Plan

Equipment Upgrades

There are many sold Changhua made extrusion press machines are still in normal production around the world. Some of them have been used for over 40 or 50 years.

They are still in good condition with high volume production. However, the designs of those machines are out of date and not able to compete with those of current machines with more smart and automatic control system. We have successfully upgraded and rebuilt 26 Chenghua sold old machines all over the world and the main upgrade and rebuilt items are :
  • Hydraulic and cooling system upgrade.
  • PLC and software control system upgrade.
  • Main Cylinder rebuilt and upgrade.
  • Container rebuilt and upgrade.
  • Customized stem and dummy block made.
  • Main pump and motor system upgrade (For example: upgrade to servo control system)
  • To rebuilt direct extrusion press as indirect extrusion press.
  • To rebuilt or redesign billet load mechanical device.
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