Extrusion Plant

CHENG HUA Extrusion Plant

Handling equipment includes Billet Melting, Billet Cutting, Billet-Heating Furnace and behind the Press includes Run Out Table, Cooling Table, Stretcher to Saw Gauge Table with measuring Stopper, and Aging Oven etc.
This equipment is well designed and developed based on our customers' condition and request to achieve the goals of laborsaving, low cost, high quality and high efficiency automatic operation.
  • Handling equipment for aluminum extrusion press.
    • Belt conveyor type
    • Walking beam type
  • Stretcher for the aluminum extrusion press
  • Puller
Automatic Handling Equipment (Belt conveyor Type)
Automatic Handling Equipment (Walking Beam Type)
Handling Equipment For Extrusion Press

Extrusion Plant Layout

a. Melting Furnace b. Holding Furnace c. Casting Machine d. Billet Saw e. Billet Area
f. Billet-Heating Furnace g. Extrusion Press h. Die Oven i. Initial Table j. Run-Out Table
k. Cooling Table l. Stretcher m. Storage Table n. Saw Charge Table o. Cutting Saw
p. Saw Gauge Table q. Inspection Table r. Palletizing Equipment s. Aging Oven

The production procedure of main press and auxiliary equipment corresponds with human engineering, simple operation, and safety. In the meantime, you will be find that, our equipment transfer the profile fluently between every connection step on extruding and stretching and cutting, actually provide you the best way to reach high-quality and high-productivity aim.

Automatic Puller
Head Stretcher
Tail Stretcher