Company Profile

Company Profile

More professional technique for looking towards the 21st century.

"Cheng Hua Machinery Co., Ltd." was founded in 1964 with the basic of "Hard Work, Stable Operation" , with the goal of "Quality in first, Technique in advance", and under the principle of devoting ourselves to research and development for pursuing excellence in equipment to continue growing.

For forty years. Cheng Hua has kept a spirit of "Rationalize, Automation and keeps the Spirit of Service" to offer the complete layout for customers by great experience and technique in the field of professional Extrusion equipment in the world, Cheng Hua has secured a position in the international market for Extrusion Plan.

In looking towards the 21st century, Cheng Hua has kept a spirit of "Uniting all Efforts and Striving for Good Opportunities" in combination with the cream of intellectual domestic and overseas talents to research and develop for advance technique to lead in industrial comradeship. We endeavor to satisfy customers’ demand for reciprocating to society.