For forty years, Cheng Hua has kept a spirit of “Rationalize, Automation and Keeps The Spirit of Service” to offer the complete layout for customers by great experience And technique in the field of profession al Extrusion Plant.

Product Line

All machines and equipment are easily accessed either for maintenance or adaptation of the working parameters. CHENG-HUA MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1964 as a supplier of Extrusion Press, Copper Extrusion Machine, Copper Extrusion Press and Tube Extrusion Press for the extrusion industry.

Main products
  • Easy maintenance and long life design.
  • Automatic control system by PLC.
  • High productivity in short cycle time.
  • Stabilized accuracy and easy adjustment in centering.
  • Mainfold type hydraulic system and simple piping design.
  • Quick dies changer. (Option)
  • Fixed dummy block system. (Option)
  • An automatic operated butt knock off shear. (Option)
  • Machine diagnostic system.
  • Discard Shear And Striker
  • Quick Die Changer(Option)
  • "X" ”Type Container Guides
  • Fixed Dummy Block
  • Man-Machine Interface
    Operation Box
  • Manifold Type Hydraulic Unit
  • Stem Safety Device
    (Copper Extrusion Press,Option)
  • Motor And Main Pump Unit
Product Categories:
We enthusiastically carry on every project , achieving all new machines with the utmost passion and professionalism possible to offer our clients the best solutions to their needs. If your Extrusion Press still guarantees good service but needs improvements, our qualified engineers will check its current conditions and will be able to create a custom, efficient and affordable solution.