For forty years, Cheng Hua has kept a spirit of “Rationalize, Automation and Keeps The Spirit of Service” to offer the complete layout for customers by great experience And technique in the field of profession al Extrusion Plant.

Extrusion Press Supplier in Taiwan

CHENG-HUA MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan since 1964, specialized in wide range of extrusion press, horizontal indirect type extrusion press. Our products enjoy well-reputation by the strict quality request. Customers will be able to check progress and see when they can order by checking their details on the website. We look forward to building on the progress of the roll-out to date and bringing fast extrusion press, horizontal indirect type extrusion press to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Horizontal Indirect Type Extrusion Press For Rod & Tube

The Horizontal Indirect-type Extrusion Press for high-tensile aluminum and copper alloy suits the aircraft, sporting goods, optical, and auto-part manufacturing industries. The indirection Type Press is different from the Direction Type Press. As the extruded material flowing uniformly, so that you can get a homogeneity production. This equipment is your best choice for high quality products.

Horizontal Rod Extruders for special-alloys such as aluminum, copper, silver, they suit for architectural material, decoration, conductor, and high strength part.

CHENG-HUA MACHINERY CO., LTD. is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of extrusion press, horizontal indirect type extrusion press, with distribution across the globe. We guarantee the quality of our products, since we deal only with authorized and reliable extrusion press, horizontal indirect type extrusion press manufactures. The extrusion press you buy from us will fit your needs perfectly. We have a team of quality analysts who are highly qualified and experienced. They check the quality of these products on various parameters to ensure their utility in various sectors.