For forty years, Cheng Hua has kept a spirit of “Rationalize, Automation and Keeps The Spirit of Service” to offer the complete layout for customers by great experience And technique in the field of profession al Extrusion Plant.

Extrusion Press Manufacturer in Taiwan

The principal function of Extrusion Press is to make flow the aluminium through the die at a controlled speed and temperature. We are committed to not only develop new technologies, but also to design, test and refine those products so that they are worthy of our reputation and yours.

Horizontal Rod Extrusion Press

Cheng-Hua has 30 years experience of producing Extrusion press, so we have superior performance in raising capacity and offer complete services with the right direction of Research and Development for customers' request.

Horizontal Rod Extruders for special-alloys such as aluminum, copper, silver, they suit for architectural material, decoration, conductor, and high strength part.

All machines and equipment are easily accessed either for maintenance or adaptation of the working parameters. Over the years of experience, we have achieved expertise in the developing and providing Extrusion Press in varied specifications as per the needs of the clients.